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Message from Infinite Spirit - 19 Feb 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, dear one, we love you so much and we always share our love with you. We want you to know that when you open your heart to love, we can flood you with our unconditional love and light but many of you close your hearts to love because of many things that may be going on in your life.

You may not feel good and in any aspect of not feeling good, you close your heart to us and to the Infinite possibilities that are right here for you.

It matters not why you do not feel good or what stories that you are telling yourself to keep you in the vibration of not feeling good, it matters that you change your story.

Any stories of not being good enough or not worthy enough are not how we see you or how the Universe sees you but this is how you see yourself. Why are you so hard on yourself, dear one? You are capable of so much more but when you beat yourself up or judge yourself, you are giving your power away and we say "That's not how we see you. We see you as the bright, beautiful star that you are. We see you as a human being filled with so much love that you are bursting to share it with others. We see you as an infinite being, filled with infinite possibilities and infinite love and light". You are so amazing that you are afraid to shine in fear of being rejected or ridiculed by others but don't you see that by not shining that you are giving your power away to others. When you shine your light, anyone in a lower vibration disappears because you are shining so brightly that your vibration no longer matches theirs but when you focus on their lower vibration and what they "may" be thinking, you give your power away and they mirror your fear, rejection, judgement or ridicule. When you shine your bright, beautiful light and as lower vibration people and situations disappear from your life, you too, disappear from theirs. It truly is magical and miraculous what happens when you step into your power, step into your light and be the person that you really are.

Many people on your planet are waking up and stepping into their light and you, dear one, are one of them. When you stand in your power, you attract and see all these beautiful souls that are just like you, filled with love, light and high vibration. You instantly connect and you feel good being in their energy, just as they feel good being in yours and when this happens, well, the fear, judgement and ridicule melts away and is replace with so much love and respect because you both know that you don't need to be "fixed" or "healed" because you are perfect. You always were but now you can see it and feel it and it feels so good.

There is nothing for you to do on this planet. There is no "life purpose". You are simply here to shine and be the love that you are and when you do this, you feel the joy, the abundance, the freedom, the love, the peace, the harmony, the safety, the security because you are standing in your power. You are allowing yourself to be who you really are and this is a truly magical thing for when you do this, you expand your energy, your light, your vibration, your frequency onto others and light them up. They don't know why but they love your energy. They are drawn to you because you make them feel so good when they are around you. You truly are amazing. We love you so much.

Sending you love ❤️

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