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Message from Infinite Spirit - 20 Feb 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so pleased and delighted to be communicating to you today and we want to speak to you about standing in your power. When you give your power away it does not feel good and leaves you questioning yourself, judging yourself and doubting yourself.

We want you to simply observe when you give your power away to others or to situations and when this happens, do not judge yourself or beat yourself up, simply learn from it. How could you have handled it different so that you would have stood in your own power?

We will give you a little example. You have to ask for something and feel intimidated about asking for it because you do not know what you are talking about or you feel a little out of your depth or you feel that others around you are listening. This situation calls for you to stand in your power. Instead of judging yourself or doubting yourself, bring back your power to you and be confident. Rehearse if you wish. Imagine the scenario and how you would act normally and then ask to stand in your power and feel into the scenario on how to be confident and ask for something. If you do not know what you are talking about, do not be embarrassed or ashamed, ask for help, stand in your power, shine your light onto who you are talking to and they will help you in a miraculous way.

There are many reasons humans give their power away and it is simply to observe why you are giving your power away. Are you frightened? Are you intimidated? Whatever it is, it is because you are fearing others reactions towards you, so you play small, which draws the energy that you are fearing towards you and is mirrored back to you by the person you are dealing with.

You are an amazing, beautiful being of light and it is your job to shine brightly and dispel all the lower feelings you may have. When you stand in your power and you claim who you really are, nothing can stop you and nobody can judge, fear or intimidate you because you are shining so brightly that they can sense, feel your vibration, your frequency that you are being who you really are, A being of love. A being of light. A being of compassion. A being of peace. A being of harmony. A being of freedom. A being of abundance. This is who you really are. Stand in your power. Shine your light. Lift and inspire others.

Sending you love ❤️

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