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Message from Infinite Spirit - 24 Feb 2023

Hello, hello, hello, welcome, welcome, welcome. We are here to offer you a vibrational experience, it matters not our words to you but the vibration that you are receiving whilst reading these words.

We love you so much and we want you to start taking notice of the stories that you are telling yourselves. We want to give you examples of these stories:

"I do not have enough money"

"I am overweight"

"I do not like my job"

"I do not like my neighbours"

"I am unhappy with the way I am treated"

We want you to stand back and write down the stories that you are telling yourself, right now. Do not attach yourself to them, just observe them and write them down.

How would you feel if you could wave a magic wand or wiggle your nose like the witch in bewitched and change those stories? It would feel good, right? It would feel magical. You have the power to change those stories but you give your power away to those stories so they never change.

We want you to take a look at your list and find the story that you would define as easy to change. Let us give you an example of a so called "easy" story to change.

"I can't afford a new coat"

With that story you are creating lack of money and lack of a new coat. You are looking at your old coat and telling yourself, I need a new coat but I don't have the money. Now to change your story, when you look at your old coat and wear your old coat, say "I love this coat" and imagine it being a new coat, now tell yourself why you love your new coat. I love my new coat because it keeps me warm and dry or I love my new coat because it makes me feel good or I love my new coat because I look good in it. You have now changed the energy around your old coat and starting putting your energy into your new coat, even though you haven't received your new coat yet, you are no longer pushing it away from you with the old story. Every time you wear your old coat, feel and talk about it as though it is a new one and soon enough, you will create the energy and receive a new coat. The how, when and where is not up to you. That is the magic. It will magically appear. The possibilities of you receiving a new coat are endless. You cannot comprehend the many, infinite possibilities. This is the magical work of the Universe bringing you a new coat. If you ordered a new coat online, you would expect it in the post in the next few days. The Universe is no different. Expect your new coat and you will receive it in the most magical way possible. How, when and where is not your concern.

Play, create, have fun.

Sending you love ❤️

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