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Message from Infinite Spirit - 3 Jan 2023


We want you to know that many of you have made new years resolutions and we want you to know that whilst this is all good, there really is no need to put yourself on the spot and "make" yourself stick to a goal. We want you to have fun with any intention or goal you have set and see the joy in the journey to your goal.

You need not "manifest" anything into your life for everything is readily available to you right now. Look at your intention or goal for 2023. Is it to lose weight? Is it to be rich? Is it to get another job? What ever your intention is, it is just a story that you are fixating on. We certainly do not want to discourage you away from your goals but to see it from our higher perspective.

You are energy, frequency, colour and light. You are a spiritual being experiencing a human life. We encourage you to embrace this fact and to enjoy your life. You need not do anything to attract what you want to you. The secret is letting go, meditating and going within for this is where the magic is. Once you focus on your heart, on the love all around you and feel connected to all that is and can ever be, call this the Universe, God, Source Energy, whatever you will, you magically transform your life and start to live to your potential, which is being the creator of all you desire.

You are the Master of your life. You are the Creator, creating all you desire and in order to do this, you need to let go of "figuring things out in your head" and start to feel the energy all around you with your heart. Feeling all you are is more powerful and magical than anything that you conjure with your thoughts.

Sit still, relax, breathe, focus on your heart, stay here for as long as you can until the thoughts running around disappear and all you feel is peace. Imagination is a wonderful tool. Imagine somewhere where you can be free, peaceful and relaxed and stay in this space. It could be on a beach, up a mountain, in a forest, gazing at stars or floating in water. The more you create this space and stay in it each day, the more you can let go of the outside world of rushing, lack, limitation, ego, striving, struggling. The outside world mirrors your feelings and thoughts but feelings are much more powerful than any thought that you think.

You feel joy, you feel love, you feel safe, you feel abundant, you feel relaxed, you feel positive, you feel good. All these feelings, you do not think them, you feel them. You do not think "oh that joke was funny, I must think about that before I can laugh", you laugh because you feel the humour in the moment, and that, my friends, is the key. THE MOMENT. How do you feel moment to moment. Joy, love, freedom, abundance or do you feel sad, angry, stressed? The feelings you feel are what matter, not the stories you make up that make you feel that way. Humans feel sad, angry, stressed, anxious because of the thoughts and stories they are making up. When you feel love, joy, freedom, abundance, they are not thoughts causing those feelings, they are naturally you. We want you to turn off the noise of everyday and start to take time out to focus on you and how you feel. If you feel negative in anyway, what is the story that is causing that feeling? If you feel fantastic, joyful and loved, great keep going, you are enjoying each moment and loving your life.

Focus always on here and now, the past has gone, the future is yet to be discovered. There is no time, only here and now, so enjoy each second and let the rest take care of itself.

There is no better gift, than the present.

Sending you love ❤

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