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Message from Infinite Spirit - 4 Feb 2023

Hello, hello, hello and welcome once again to this vibration that you are feeling. It is not about the words we speak but the energy and vibration that we offer to you. You are an amazing being of light, you are not capable of lack or fear, they are simply imposed upon you through media, which causes a lower vibrational frequency and disconnects you from who you really are.

Feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, lack, fear, judgement, ridicule are not your natural vibration. You are worthy of everything that you wish to become and once you start to stop listening to outside influences and focus on the beauty and divine within, well, we promise you, it only gets better from here on in.

We love you so much and we see you struggle with the daily, what you would call, responsibilities but we would call them a story that is not real. You say "but I have to do this or I have to do that" but we say "fine but don't put a lower energy frequency to the task you are doing. It is possible to do your "responsibilities" without attachment to the outcome of what would happen if you didn't do them. Everything should be taken with a pinch of salt for when you realise who you really are, everything that you struggle with disappears, it is not important anymore. The only important thing in your life is you and your well being.

You are a Divine being of light, love, energy, frequency, who is connected to everything around you, you are not separate from ANYTHING. It is fear and illusion that separates you and causes misalignment with who you really are.

We want you to feel good, every second of the day. Feel the love and joy that you are in every moment and we promise you if you take it a moment at a time and focus only on the task you are doing right at this moment and try to feel into it, your life will be so much richer, so much better, so much freer.

We offer our vibration to you so that you can feel into the higher vibration that is naturally you and once you feel this higher vibration, my God, you will crave more of it and want to shine this onto everyone you meet. Like a smile to a stranger, it becomes something that can be enjoyed and spread widely. When you smile to a stranger, they smile back. When you say hello to a dog, it naturally wags it's tail in approval. Humans crave attention and love which is spread with attention and love. You give what you want to receive. It is Yin and Yang. It is balance. It creates freedom from within and you are no longer this being that lives in lack and separation, you are now part of everything around you and you know, in your heart of hearts that this is the truth and how wonderful it is not to live in want and need because you know, you just know that everything is available to you right here and right now if you open your heart to everything and enjoy everything.

You created you life as you see it now and it can be changed in a heart beat once you realise that you are not stuck in the life you have. You have a choice to change it. Be who you are, be free, be love, be happy, be abundant for these are the things that when you get down to the nitty gritty, your soul craves. You don't need "stuff" You want abundance of everything, love, money, freedom, happiness, joy, peace, harmony, the list goes on. These are all feelings. They are not words that you tell yourself. The voice that you listen to, is yours, it's no one else's so stop listening to it and feel what your heart and soul craves.

How? Through the art of meditation. The act of doing nothing and going within, is all you ever need. Through act of doing nothing, you can accomplish anything because you are no longer listening to your head but being still and feeling the love all around you with your heart. Energy speaks louder than words. Be still, listen, connect to who you really are.

Sending you love ❤️

Buddha represents inner peace and harmony, from here anything is possible.

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