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Message from Infinite Spirit - 5 Feb 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another whirlwind adventure! Yes, life seems like that, doesn't it. It is full of ups and downs, like a rollercoaster but do you go with the flow or do you fight against it. Once you are on a rollercoaster, it is out of your control, you have to go with the ups and downs and wait for it to stop. Life is the same. Let go of all your struggles and enjoy the ride, after all you cannot control it even though you try.

We want you to know that once you learn to relax and let go and go with the flow, the Universe can work through you to bring you the conclusions or answers you are looking for much easier but when you struggle and strive, you disconnect from the connection you have with the Universe and it has to let you get on with it, your way. It is like a terrible two year old throwing a tantrum, yes you can get mad and angry that this child is showing you up in public and try to stop it, leading to more anger or you can let this two year old get on with it and calmly wait until it's finished the tantrum.

Life is easier when you let go of the need and control. Life gets better when you feel good about yourself and your day. Letting go is like floating on water and relaxing, not worrying about where you are floating to, especially if you were floating in a swimming pool, where there is no current and you are safe and protected by the sides of the pool but if you were floating in the sea or down a river, panic would set in and you would start splashing and worrying where you would end up, going against the current and trying to control where you are going. Life is the same. You are safe and protected and it is safe to float and relax and once this happens, oh boy, can we work magic and miracles and bring you more of what you desire. The Universe can work through you and for you. Life happens for you and not to you. Sure there may still be ups and downs but you will ride them like a wave, knowing that everything will be ok.

You are safe. You are protected. You are loved. You are love. You are free. You are abundant. You are peace. You are harmony. You are joy. You are everything you wish to be and more. Relax. It's all here for you.

Sending you love ❤️

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