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Message from Infinite Spirit - 5 Jan 2023

Welcome, dear ones, we are so pleased to be connecting with you today. Today we want you to focus on yourself. I am me. I am proud of who I am. I am love. I am joy. I am freedom. I am abundance. I am rich. I am peace. I am harmony. I am positive. I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am capable. I am safe. I am secure. I am worthy. I am everything I choose to be. Don't you just love these words that we offer you. Can't you feel your vibration rising when you speak words of love about yourself. You are unique. You are gifted. You are Master of your own life. Nobody can take this away from you unless you let them. Feel free, abundance, loved, joyful, happy, peaceful, everything you already are.

Now, we know for some of you this maybe hard to comprehend but just reading our messages and being in our vibration can lift you beyond words. We are with you every single moment and you have source energy flowing through you at all times. It's right here now, waiting to be tapped into. You can draw anything to you when you feel for this energy that you already are. We love you so much and we want you to be happy and free. To live life to the fullest. We offer you this vibration of the highest love, of the highest light, of the highest energy, of the highest frequency and it is right here for you, NOW.

Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, breathe deeply in and out and connect through your heart to who you really are. Stay in this energy and the more you do this, even for a few minutes, the more you will feel good, you will feel light, you will feel free. For in this space, there is nothing but love for you and when you feel our love, light, energy and frequency and connect to who you really are, my word, you will feel so good, so good. You are us, we are you. There is no separation, EVER. When you feel this connection, you can create and be anything you want because you will DRAW this energy to you. You will no longer look for answers outside yourself. You will no longer try to control your circumstances. You will be so relaxed and in the flow, that we can bring the magic of what you so desire to you.

Sending you love ❤

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