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Message from Infinite Spirit - 6 Feb 2023

Well, hello and welcome to a brand new day. A brand new beginning. What an exciting day this is today. Why? What makes it so special? The fact that it is a new day, where you get to start all over again from a fresh. Yesterday has been and gone, tomorrow is yet to come, there is only this present moment of starting the day with a fresh new look.

"Ah but" we hear you cry! "Ah but nothing" we say. There are no buts, no stories to tell. New day, new moment, new beginning. Wake up and enjoy it. Make it your intention that no matter how you feel, you will enjoy your day. Nobody can deny you that but yourself. "But other people", we hear you say. No, no, no, no, no, other people cannot take anything from you unless you let them. Unless you give your power away to them. Unless you get caught up in their stories and their energy. You are a powerful being of light, that can stand in your own energy and frequency and more importantly CHOOSE what you want. Do you want to give your power away to another? Do you want to deny yourself pleasure and joy? Do you want to deny yourself fun, freedom and abundance? Do you want to deny yourself love?

No, is the answer to all these questions. You get to choose what you want so do just that. Stop denying yourself and allow yourself to receive all the good that here for you in each and every moment. It's all here for you. Stand in your light. If another is causing you pain, anger, grief, then see it for what it is. It is their stuff, not yours When you stand in your own power and allow yourself the gifts of life, nobody and we repeat, nobody can stand in your way or deny you everything you want. You can do that all by yourself so choose not to do this anymore. You are the power. You are the light. You are the frequency. You are the energy. You are the Master of your own life so start taking command of it and stop making everything else an excuse not to be happy.

We love you so much and when you close your eyes, you are immediately in a void. You are in a space where nothing can touch you. It is your space. It is your void. Once you feel into this and feel the peace, harmony and love in the void, this radiates out into your world. The void is inner you, is your space nobody else's, nobody can touch you in this void unless you let them.

Play with us now. Close your eyes, see the void and when something comes in that you do not like, tell it to get out of your space, it or they are not welcome here. It is your space and you can allow what you want into this space and you can choose what you don't want in this space. Play with this for 5 minutes and increase the time if you want to. It matters not how much time you give this, it is the POWER that you are to allow yourself or deny yourself this time and what comes in. It is your space. It is your time and you get to choose what you allow in this space. Now it could be complete and absolute peace and harmony. It could be tons of money. It could be a beach somewhere. It could be nothingness. The choice is up to you. Play and have fun with this. Do not give your mind too much to think about. It is very simple, when something comes in, make a choice. Do I want this or not? If you don't then choose something you do want. Keep it simple and fun.

Sending you love ❤️

The void.

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