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Message from Infinite Spirit - 7 Feb 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so pleased to be communicating with you on this fine and exciting day. We come to you with the message or more the question, what do wish to summon into your life? What do you wish to co-create? What do you wish to experience in your human life?

We put this question to our dear friend, Janet and her answer was "Abundance and freedom, I wish to experience abundance and freedom". Perfect. We are delighted to be helping, guiding and supporting Janet's co-creation of abundance and freedom.

Now, how is this achieved? Well, sit quietly, yes, once again, go into meditation, focusing on your breath, letting go of all thoughts and summon the energy of abundance and freedom (or whatever you wish to co-create, love, peace, harmony, joy, etc) and that is it.

Open you heart, expand into the energy of abundance and freedom, what does that feel like? To be free and be able to pay for anything you desire. Having the freedom to do what you want.

Now, doubts and stories will no doubt come flooding in, "I am not worthy", you start denying yourself or your mind simply cannot work out how this will be achieved.

We say, it is not your job to achieve it. It is not your job to work out the details. It is not your job to stress and create anxiety or doubt or disbelief or any other stories. Your job is to stay present, breathe and simply say "I choose to experience abundance and freedom" That is it. Job done. The Universe will take over, it will start moving mountains and creating magic and miracles to make this possible. The more you let go and allow this to happen FOR you, the easier it happens because you are now allowing and not resisting. You are summoning the energy of abundance and freedom (or whatever it is you want).

Each day will start to get exciting. You will wake up in pure joy and excitement because you are creating and having fun experiencing the thing that you want to experience. Energy moves through you and to you. It never works against you. It is you that puts up the road blocks and creates obstacles with fear, lack, separation and other so called stories.

The only story you are creating, is the one of "I choose to experience ............."

That is it.

End of story.

Sending you love ❤️

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