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Message from Infinite Spirit - Photograph Energies

Helloooo again! I have not blogged for sooooo long!!! The energies have certainly ramped up and so much has happened over the last few months, including my dad transitioning on 8 August 2022, Lionsgate portal. Really powerful energy and what a day to transition. Oliver Newton-John transitioned on the same day and she was someone who my brother and I, idolised growing up so my dad was in good company that day.

Below is a photograph taken by one of my dear friends. She went on a retreat with a few others and they were talking early evening and taking photographs of each other. Many photographs were taken and could be seen as you normally see photographs except this one. This one is showing us a bigger perception of how things really are. I meditated with this photograph and asked for a message but all I received were lots of high frequencies. I went to bed as normal that evening and woke around 2.15am. I read for a little while, then went to sleep. I was woken around 3.30am and this is the message I received:

Ahh, dear one, we are so delighted to connect with you and give you this message from a much higher perspective. Your intuition knew there was a meaning, a message in the photograph and we are delighted that you have sat with this, let the energy absorb you, hear the higher frequencies being relayed to you and have a greater understanding that all is not as it appears to be.

You see the light, the colours, the frequencies, you hear the frequencies and you feel the energy of the picture that is readily available to you every single moment, for you are realising that life is a moment to moment experience and all else is a belief, an illusion, that you have been conditioned to believe.

Many photos were taken, yet it is this one that makes the least sense that you were drawn too. Why is this? Because this is the truth of all around you. Light, colour, frequency. You can tune into this at your will. Isn’t that marvellous and exciting to feel? There is no effort, no struggle and no story. It simply “is”. You feel good, relaxed and content because you have let go of trying to “figure” things out. There is nothing to figure out, no stories to be told, no struggle or entanglement. Letting go and just being is much more of where you are in this moment, for there is no tomorrow or yesterday. There is no time. There is here and now. There is this moment. This frequency, this energy, the colours and sounds.

Use all your senses and your thoughts will disappear. Feel and be life, for this is your experience as a soul. Touch, smell, taste, hear, use these senses for your sight is a window to see things from a fresh perspective, when you use your other senses. The sixth sense is the ability to feel and sense energy, colours and frequencies. Your sight will then see the enchantment to be found in each moment and not what your mind projects with belief and conditioning. What a wonderful gift you have.

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