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Message from Infinite Spirit - See The Magic In Life

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy and pleased to be communicating with you on this fine and wonderful day which is open to many exciting opportunities and wonders that you can possibly imagine but you don't because you are closing yourself down to all these magical moments.

We are in day three of the new year, new you but some of you feel that the wonder and awe is diminishing before your eyes but this is not true. Your eyes are perceiving the world around you but your heart feels the excitement and joy that this year can truly be. Do not get sucked into "what is" instead start opening up to "what can be".

Do not go back to the old stories of past but start new ones for the future.

Each day, get up and say "Today, is going to be a wonderful day filled with magic and excitement".

Start a journal and start writing down all the things that brought you joy, happiness, love, peace, harmony, calmness, freedom or abundance in your day. The more you notice these little nuggets of positiveness, the more you will attract to you each day instead of letting them pass you by.

Someone may have let you go in front of them in line or given up their seat or said something funny or told you some good news. Note it down. Did you watch your favourite programme, eat your favourite food, meet up with someone you've not seen for a while, read a good book, relaxed and done nothing, enjoyed your favourite cup of coffee or other beverage? Note it down. These are all small wonders that happen everyday but pass you by because you are so fixated on other things that "have to be done". Yes, we know you humans have responsibilities but you do do other things as well. There must be at least one positive thing that happened in your day, so write it down, then tomorrow see if you can write two positive things down and so on.

Life is for living in the present moment, not fixating on "this year is the year" or "when I move I will be happy" or "this time next year, I will be a millionaire" Life is happening right now, each day, each moment but humans live in the past or the future.

Living in past is fine as long as it is nostalgic and not dwelled upon. "Oh I was so happy with ...... but it's not the same now" No, it's not the same because you are re-living stories of the past and are believing that nothing will ever be the same as it was. That simply isn't true. A caterpillar doesn't stay in it's cocoon because it fears turning into a butterfly, it knows it's a natural cycle of life and gets on with it. It has no idea what is in store for it but it trusts that everything is fine. It doesn't worry and stress "What if while I am transforming that the cocoon gets damaged?", "What if I don't like being a butterfly?", "What if I can't fly?", "What if I don't like heights?" or "What do I do now I'm a butterfly?" or it could go the other way "How do I transform?", "Why must I be a butterfly? I like being a caterpillar", "When will I become a butterfly? I can't wait any longer" or "What if I become a butterfly and no other butterflies like me?"

We want you to see the humour in being a human. You are so funny. Change is natural. Life is not meant to be cruel and unpleasant and from every moment in your life there is a blessing but humans have been conditioned that life is cruel and then you die. What if, and here's a funny thought, what if life is full of wonder, blessings, magical moments, beauty, love and abundance. Wouldn't you like a piece of that action? We'll let you into a secret, you can experience all of those things, the only person who stops you, is you.

Make a promise to yourself that you will find little nuggets of joy, love, peace, harmony, freedom and abundance in your day. If you receive some money, even if you find a penny, write it down, be grateful that you found it. If you receive a hug from someone, write it down, be grateful for it. If you have a quiet five minutes to yourself, write it down, be grateful for it. The more you find these little nuggets of joy, the more they will come into your life and it gets better; the more you will notice them.

Start this New Year with this intention, it is much easier than losing weight, starting at a gym, giving up an addiction or what other resolution you have made. Finding and seeing the good in your life is fun and easy and requires no will power and the best, most magical part, you will probably lose weight, keep up at the gym or lose your addiction without even trying. How? Why? because you are happier just by seeing all the good in your life.

Sending you love ❤

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