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Message from Infinite Spirit - Time to Awaken

Welcome, welcome, welcome dear ones, it is now the time to awaken, to realise all the possibilities that are available to you. We are downloading so much energy onto your planet to help you to break free of all the limitations and beliefs you are holding onto. This is a great time of awakening for all humankind and it is to be revelled and cherished. To be enjoyed in each moment.

You are not the name you were given at birth. This is the biggest belief you have. You are a spirit living a human experience. This is who you really are.

There is no time. There is no past, there is no future. The past is made up of memories which are just thoughts, created at that moment but they do not exist now. The future has not been created. There is only this moment. What are you doing at this precise moment? You are reading this. That is it. When you have done reading this, you will do something else so stay in that moment until whatever you are doing has been done. When you have done that, you will do something else so stay in that moment, until it is done. Can you see where we are going with this? Life is made up of moments. The present, not thoughts of the past or future but right now. Enjoy the moment you are in, then enjoy the next moment and the next moment and the future will take care of itself.

When you free yourself of time and stay in the present moment, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. If there is something in one moment that you do not like, accept it. Do not make excuses or tell stories about why you are not enjoying that particular moment for that moment will pass. If you are around people or situations that you do not like, accept it. Again, do not tell stories or make excuses for the way you are feeling. Accept how you are feeling and accept the people or situations because frustration and anger are caused by not accepting what is. Now, when you find yourself in a moment that brings you joy, freedom, love, peace, positivity, relish it. Say "Thank you, I love this moment" and more will flow to you.

You are here to enjoy each moment and not to entangle is what the world is showing you. News and media are stories being told to keep you in your place, to keep you in a world filled with fear, lack and limitation. To trick you to believe in something that is just a story. Stay in your moment, in what is happening right now, bring yourself to the present and feel the freedom that is yours. The joy that is meant to be felt each and every moment.

Have fun playing with this, dear ones, for we love you so much and we want you to play, have fun and stay in the present.

Sending you love ❤

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