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Message from Infinite Spirit - What do you desire today?

Hello, dear one, we want to help you co-create what you desire today. Now, we are not talking about material things. We are talking about an emotion, a feeling, a vibration.

How are you feeling right now? Are you angry, sad, stressed, anxious, abandoned, disorganized, fearful? We want you to find a higher vibration, to co-create the desire, the feeling that you want to achieve today and this involves your amazing imagination that you have cast aside as a childish act that is no longer part of your adult world.

Your imagination is a feel good tool and when you use this tool, your vibration, your energy has no idea if what you are visualising in your imagination is "real" or if it is made up because your vibration, your energy creates your "real life" that you physically see with your eyes.

Let us explain. Thoughts create feelings, feelings create vibrations (good or bad), vibrations create your human experience, what you so call "see" with your eyes in your physical world.

If you, as an example, you are feeling angry, close your eyes and imagine what peace would look and feel like. If you are stressed, what would calmness look like? The negative feelings and emotions are created with your mind because you are looking at your life through your physical eyes, not liking what you are seeing and then your mind is coming up with all sorts of stories and scenarios that do not make you feel better but make you feel worse. This is what needs stopping in its tracks.

Witness your emotion as just that. Cast it aside. I'm feeling angry, so what? It is just a feeling my mind has tricked me into having. That is exactly what it is. So, let's trick your mind into feeling another emotion. An emotion that makes you feel good. Let's use that imagination. Imagination is a wonderful tool because you can imagine in all sorts of different ways. Closing your eyes and pretending. Drawing a picture. Writing a story. You create the way you want to feel and we can help you because once you take that first step to identify it is only a thought that has created an emotion, you can change it and ask us to help. You want to feel good, what would you do in your imagination that would make you feel good? Is it spending time by the sea? Is it spending time with family? Is it going on holiday? You are asking and intending what you want, you are changing your thoughts, you are changing your feelings from ones of doom, gloom and despondency to ones of joy, happiness and fun.

Imagination is an exciting tool that can co-create all sorts of possibilities. It is limitless. There are no boundaries. Children imagine they can fly, they put a towel around their shoulders and run around with their arms out wide, making aeroplane noises. They do not think, I look stupid, I can't fly, why pretend that I can? They don't think like that, instead they enjoy the moment, the feeling of joy they are creating from doing all the actions. This creates good vibrations that create more good vibrations. It is not what they are thinking, it is what they are feeling. As an adult you could destroy that child's imagination by saying "You can't fly, it is physically impossible, it cannot be done so stop pretending and do something more productive instead" but you don't, you watch and allow that child to have fun and pretend they are flying so why don't you allow the same for yourself? Why don't you allow your imagination to rule over your head, your adult restrictions and boundaries? Imagination has none of these, it is as far and wide as you want to make it and most importantly it creates the feelings you desire so much.

Create some magic with your imagination. The world is your oyster.

Sending you love ❤

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