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Message from Infinite Spirit - You are not broken

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Welcome, dear ones, we come to you today with love, compassion and empathy. We know at times you struggle with your outside world but we are here for you to comfort and guide you through these difficult times.

There is much change going on in your world and within you and you may feel you are on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and not knowing which way it's going to throw you next but we want you to know that you are not on your own. Each human is feeling this too and it is a global shift that is taking place. Now, we don't want you to focus on the enormity of what we have just said but to take your focus to yourself.

No matter what is happening globally, nationally or locally, it is none of your concern, It is not your "stuff" to deal with. We want you to focus only on yourself and being kind and loving to yourself because you deserve that, more than anyone you know. You need not rely on others to make you feel good. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. Be kind, loving, gentle and compassionate to yourself and we will help you because you do deserve acts of kindness towards yourself, you do deserve love, you do deserve compassion because there is nothing wrong with you. You are a Divine being experiencing a human life and we want to help, support, guide and love you all we can to make this easier for you.

You, dear one, are the most amazing being there ever was. Why? You are a being of light and love and if you don't believe this or cannot see it, then you have become disconnected to who you really are and we want to connect with you.

We want you to take time out for fifteen minutes each day, preferably in the morning before your day begins. Sit somewhere, where you will not be disturbed or interrupted for this fifteen minutes. This will be the best fifteen minutes in your day and soon you will want it to last longer and longer, until you feel our energy combine and connect with your energy throughout the day, making your day more beautiful and desirable and exciting than you could ever imagine.

We want you to feel good. That is it. Simple. For fifteen minutes you are going to close your eyes, focus on breathing in and breathing out slowly and purposely. There is only you in the room and your breath to focus on. If you find it easier listening to music, choose music that is calming or find a soundscape like the ocean or wind in trees to help.

In this fifteen minutes, you have intended to quieten your mind, switch off from your life and focus on your breath. After all it is your breathing that keeps you alive. Put a hand on your heart, feel your breath moving through you and see your energy, your light. What colour is it? If you cannot see a colour, ask "What is my colour today?" It matters not what your colour is, we want you to get comfortable focusing on energy. You may see lots of different colours or you may see the same colour each day. If you want to know anything about the colour, ask us, ask any question you want about the colour and you may hear the answer then or you may find the answer through your day by some other means or some other person.

We want you to know, that, yes, there are darker colours but it is your perception or belief of the colour that can determine it's vibration.

Grey - This is a colour for you to notice that there are grey areas that need clarification. Ask us to help you receive the clarification you desire.

Brown - A colour of the Earth. You should ground and connect yourself to the Earth. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Take a walk in nature. Spend some time near the sea.

Black - A colour of magic and fate. Something is being created that you cannot see yet, it is still in the spiritual realm. It is something exciting and new.

We want you to open your heart to this magic that is available to you each and every day but we know that seeing is believing with many humans and this maybe an easy task for some and maybe a little more difficult for others but we promise you that if you stick to it, it will get easier and brighter and you will open up to all the magic and possibilities without even trying to do anything apart from spending fifteen minutes alone, in the morning to open your mind and heart and allowing us to connect with you.

Sending You Love ❤

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