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Message from Lord Maitreya

I am known as the laughing Buddha for I am here to bring laughter and joy back into your lives.

Humans take their lives, oh so serious but you are here to have fun, to enjoy your life and to live it to the full. Laugh, play, learn and grow. These are the things that you are here for. You are not here to struggle, moan or stress, you are here to laugh, to learn, to grow, to expand and to find the richness in life itself.

I encourage you to enjoy everything you do and if you do not enjoy it, then do something that brings you joy. You can find the joy in an important task that needs to be done by stopping for a moment and breathing into your heart by placing your hand over your heart and telling yourself, “I’m ok with this”, “I can do this and when I have done this, I’m going to do something I want to do”, and then make sure you go and do it. Keep your promises to yourself and honour them for this is the joy and richness you are craving but you deny yourselves of time and time again.

There is always joyfulness to be found in every single day, in every single moment but because humans are too busy to see the beauty, the joy, the wonder, the magic, you forget to live your best life. Only you can bring yourself joy, nobody can do it for you, you must give yourself permission to feel the joy and be the joy that you already are.

I encourage you to take ten minutes each day to seek joy, to do something that brings you joy, even if it is a simple as making a drink and taking time out to drink it and cherish it. When you do simple, joyful things, you will feel your spirit elevate and uplift you so that you want to do more things that you enjoy, that you love. Ten minutes a day is well spent doing something you love and enjoy, so give yourself permission to have time out for yourself. You will be glad you did.

Laughter is the best medicine. It fills your heart with warm love, peace and utter security.

Sending you love ❤

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