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Message from Magical Angels - Change Your Story

Oh dear ones, we are the magical realm of the Angels, we come to give you pure love and guidance at this difficult time on your planet.

We want you to know that the answers you seek are always within you but you find this hard to believe because you are so caught up in your human minds. This is a time to start resting your mind from your thoughts, the stories that you tell yourselves on a daily basis, your reasons for things happening. Yes, everything happens for a reason and that is as far as the story goes but humans won't accept this, they have to come up with characters, plots and twists but none of this is real, it is just a made up story of illusion. Do you remember when you were a child and you made stories up? These were stories of magic, of wonder, of anything is possible, why did you stop? You grew up and started interacting with the news, with social media, with other peoples views and opinions (which are just more stories to be told to justify egos are right and everyone else is wrong).

Why don't you create more stories, like you did as a child? Would you tell a child before they go to bed of stories of death, fear, destruction, viruses, war and such? No, so don't get overwhelmed by them in your own life. Look at young children's books, they are not filled with any such negative energies, they are filled with unicorns, days filled with play, happiness, joy, love and laughter.

Now, we know your life isn't filled with magical creatures and all but what if you could tell yourself a new story about your day. Today is filled with love, joy, sure I have things that need to be done but I go about my day, eager to get on with them from a place of joy. I do not worry about tomorrow because that is not this moment. This moment I am doing......... and that is all that matters, when that is done, I will focus on the next moment and the moment after that, for my day is filled with moments that I should enjoy and not wish away.

Humans need to live in the day, stay in each moment and make each moment count for when that moment is over, it is in the past, it too has gone and there is nothing to regret or fear from that previous moment because you did your best and that is all you can do.

You are enough, you do enough but humans don't think or feel this, they are constantly striving to "fix" or "want" or "need" things but this is a never ending struggle that your mind creates. If you stopped, took a breath and listened to your heart, your heart would say "Slow down, be still, enjoy each moment, feel the joy, feel the love, reach for the feeling you desire" and Higher Beings of light would say "Yes, open your heart and we can give you all that your heart and soul desires."

Catch your thoughts, catch your stories, write them down as they come up and read them back to yourself. Are you telling yourself stories of lack and limitation, doubt and fear? If you could rewrite that story, how would you change it so it had a positive outcome? The positive outcome is the story you should be focusing on.

You know in your heart it makes sense. Change your stories and you change your life.

Sending you love ❤

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