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Message From Maquasa

Hello, hello, hello, I am sooooo excited to be here and to be communicating to you on this fine and wonderful day.

Many of you reading this, may not be feeling that great, that rosy, that excited, that eager for today but worry not because I am here to help that feeling all go away. I will wave my magic wand and "POOF" it's all gone away. Did it work? No! I hear you cry, "You're useless, I still feel the same!" Ahh what a wonderful lesson you have just learnt. No one can make you feel better, in fact, when people try to give you words of encouragement or try to make you feel better, they, in fact, can make you feel worse. Why is this?

You are feeling not so great, down in the dumps, let down and feeling as though the world is against you and someone says "Cheer, up it might never happen!" and you want to scream "Oh shut up! It already has!" "There are plenty more fish in the sea" "Yes but I wanted that particular fish" we know we aren't really talking about fish here, don't we? Ok, good let's carry on. "Things can only get better!" "Yeah? When?" When people come out with these random bits of useless words that make you feel worse, why do they make you feel worse? because you are not feeling great in the first place. You are resisting feeling good, resisting listening to these phrases that have no feeling behind them, resisting anything that anyone says that will make you feel remotely better. However, all is not lost, "thank God!" I hear you cry. Let's find a "fix".

The "fix" is........wait for it.......drum roll.........any minute now............oh God the suspense is killing me..........GET ON WITH IT!.............ready?............................are you sure? we go..........................ACCEPTANCE!

Yes, that is it. Aceept that you feel crap, why resist something that you are already feeling? Shout out loud "I FEEL CRAP TODAY BECAUSE.................................." and let it all out, every single thing that is doing your head in with your life. Everything that makes your head hurt every time you think about it. You need to address it, acknowledge and accept it because it is as it is. No fairy can magically wave their wand and make it go away. Now, we have addressed the first step, what is next?

Your mind is overactive. It is telling you too much negative stuff that you are believing because you can see it with your physical eyes. The only way to counter act this, is to close your eyes and use your imagination to make things better. It's like someone saying something when you were a child that you didn't want to hear and so you put your fingers in your ears, closed your eyes and started shouting so you couldn't hear them. Same technique, only a bit more grown up, but hey, if the child thing works, go for it.

For the more adult in you, closing your eyes and using your imagination, shuts your mind up for a bit and gives it something else to focus on. Your mind is like a child, it needs attention, it needs to be listened to, it needs to moan and complain when it doesn't get its own way, this in turn affects your feelings. Your mind makes you feel. That is it. Take this in for a moment. YOUR MIND MAKES YOU FEEL.

If you think good things, you feel good. If you think bad things, you feel bad.

You need to train your mind to think good things so you feel good and the only way to do this is to trick your mind that your world is fantastically exciting, filled with love, joy, freedom and abundance and the only way to do that, is to close your eyes, shut your physical day out and start imagining a day that makes you feel good. Notice, how I said "day"? You only need to change the day, not your week, not your month, not your year, not your life. It all starts with one day. I will give you an example why one day.

You plant a seed in a pot but it hasn't grown or even peeped out of the ground after you have planted it. Why? It needs time. That seed has no concept of time. All it needs is earth and water to make it grow. In time it sprouts, then it needs sun, earth and water. The seed is you. Time is a human burden. You live in a limitless, abundant Universe. The seed doesn't care about time, it doesn't care if there is enough water or sun. Why? It trusts. It trusts the Universe will provide the water and sun. It trusts that in time it will grow and flourish. Close your eyes, imagine how you want your day to unfold and trust that it will. The present is the greatest gift you can receive because it can change tomorrow without trying.

Let's recap, shall we?:

Accept how you feel now. Your mind makes you feel. Focus your mind on the day you want to have to make you feel good. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Now there is one thing missing. ASK YOUR ANGELS AND GUIDES FOR HELP! They are waiting in the sidelines, bored, because they are waiting for you to ask for help. There is so much Angelic presence on the planet at this time because it is time to wake up, to see that you can create a life you desire, not the one you "think" you are seeing with your physical eyes. That world is an illusion that can be changed. You don't have to accept it. The way to change it, starts with you, how you feel and how you feel about your day ahead. One step at a time. You get to choose the day you want to live. One with joy, love, freedom and abundance or one that your mind is telling you. I guessing you want the first choice.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Sending you love ❤


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