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Message from Maquasa - Trigger & Release

Hello, hello, hello! I am so thrilled to be here and to talk to you about negative feelings that may rise and knock you for six.

We are not here to cause you pain or suffering, that is a human experience, brought on by human perception. Of course, humans get angry, frustrated, fearful, anxious, etc and this simply means that humans have, momentarily, disconnected from who they really are and humans find it hard then to reconnect but we say there is no rush, feel your emotions, let them flow through you and once that is done, you will naturally reconnect to the oneness of love, joy, peace, harmony, freedom, abundance, etc because it's who you really are, this is source energy that is always running through you, you are one with all. There is no separation but humans have been divided for so long now that they think the world and other people are against them but the truth is; that is only human perception.

There are always triggers that set humans off in a downward spiral and when you get angry, frustrated, anxious, stressed, upset, it is a trigger that someone or some situation has caused to make you release. We ask you (in future) to witness the trigger/release, allow it to happen and try not to figure out "why?" it happened. There are many stories to be told about "why" but it is simply a release. A trigger, a release. It doesn't matter who or what was the trigger or who is the release, it is all perfect and meant to be for all that are involved, all need an energetic clearing and lesson to learn and grow from. As humans evolve, the triggers are less frequent and the release is over quicker. It is the ebb and flow of human nature evolving, expanding and growing. It is not something to dwell upon but to witness and allow it to do its job, which is to release pent up energy. It is like a volcano erupting, you cannot stop it, you can only allow it to erupt and know that it will eventually simmer down and cool.

We understand that human emotions can be so painful so we are here to turn to once you have gone through your release and when you are ready, once again, you can pick yourself up and move on.

Chumbawumba! 🎵 I get knocked down but I get up again, you can never keep me down.🎵

We are here for you, always.

Sending you love ❤


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