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Message from Merlin - 16 Jan 2023

Greetings from afar. The Universe is an abundant, never ending source energy, ready for you to tap into whenever you desire. You are magic. You can create whatever you wish from this place deep within you. The art to access this, is meditation.

Meditation lets you relax and go within deeply, letting go of your human self and connecting to the energy that you are.

Once you tap into your unique energy frequency, you realise that there is no separation from anything that you want. You can tap into any frequency and draw it to you. This is the magic of creation.

Once you are deep into meditation and you feel connected to everything, ask to be connected to the energy frequency of what you desire. Visualise your desire, in every detail, feel the energy of it and then simply let go when you come out of meditation.

You are matching the frequency of your desire to your own and are summoning it to you, let the Universe, the all expansive Universe, bring it to you. It will always be at the perfect time.

Sending you love ❤️

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