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Message from Pigeon Animal Spirit Guide

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Today, where I work, a pigeon kept walking in, walking around and then walking back out. This happened around four times and it was amusing to watch. I was being told that the pigeon wanted to communicate with me and this is what I received:

Coo, coo, coo, we start with this message to make you smile and to feel our energy through and around you. We are known as messengers because we have carried messages for humans for years, but humans never ask us for a message, so we are happy to give you a message from us.

We want you to soar like a bird above the clouds and see everything from a distance, for when you view things this way, they do not look as scary or fearful. Our message to you is simple, fly, soar, play in the wind and do not get entangled down below with dramas and such. When you feel the wind beneath your wings and elevate yourself up towards the clouds it is such a wonderful feeling and such an uplifting experience, and this is true with your human self. Your spirit wants to soar and fly and play and have fun, but your human wants to stay grounded and safe and protected, but you already are in more ways than you will ever know.

We are classed as vermin and pests to you humans but when you look at our wonderful arrangement of colours in our feathers, we have just as much beauty as peacocks, we want to make you smile with this suggestion because humans view peacocks as beautiful and us as pests, we are amusing, we like to be amusing. We intend humans no harm, but we live amongst humans because we mirror your feelings about us, you see us as pests, as vermin, as rats with wings so we show that to you. We want you to look past this low energy that runs through you and back to you and stop to look at us through your soul’s eyes you would see us as the beautiful messengers that we are.

So next time you see us, stop and say to yourself, “Please give me a message” and it is done. You may see or hear it that same day or it may come to you in a few days, but you will know our message and you will not miss it because all you need do is look for the signs. A song, a conversation with someone, overhearing someone talking, something on the television or radio. It will be communicated to you in the most beautiful way, and it will keep being communicated to you until you hear it and listen to it.

Sending you love ❤

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