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Message from the Dragons - 9 Jan 2023

Greetings from the Dragon Realm. We are here to cleanse all lower energies from the Earth and we do so through the ley lines. We breath our fire through the ley lines and uplift Mother Earth with our powerful and magnificent energy. Although we appear fierce, we are actually gentle, peaceful creatures, aiding and assisting humanity with their ascension process.

We have many forms and many identities but we are all here to do the same thing. We can protect humans from themselves for when humans get caught up and entangled with each other, they take on more lower energies than they can handle, sometimes this leads to health issues.

Call upon us to clear and cleanse your energy, to take the burden from your shoulders and uplift you to a higher frequency, where you are able to see things from a much bigger perspective than the one you see before you.

When you stand, open your arms, lift your chest towards the sky, lean back and feel the sun on your face, how does this feel? Free? Happy? Yes, dear one, this is why you are here. When you pose yourself in this way, you are putting your head back and opening your heart to the Universe. This simple and easy task can be performed anytime of day, anywhere, it is so simple and easy that we encourage you to do it often for a few minutes until it feels so good.

Feel the difference. Your soul loves you and empowers you to create the life you desire of fun, freedom, abundance, love, peace, harmony and joy. Listen to your soul often and you will be pleasantly surprised how good it feels.

Sending you love ❤

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