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Message from The Fire Flies - 11 Jan 2023

Mmmmm, bzzzz, bzzzz, we are flying around you, lighting up and shining for all too see. Aren't we just delightful and magical? We love humans following us and we have many messages and guidance to those that seek us out. We are free spirits, flitting wherever we desire to go and shining the way as we do so. Bzzzzz, our energy is buzzing and vibrant. We are carefree and relaxed. Let us shine into your lives and show you the magic you have inside, for yes, indeed, it is all inside of you. The magic, the wonder, the awe, the enchanted, it is all here and is all you. We want to wake this magic up inside of you, to stir it up and let it shine as we do for there is no lower energies here. There is only love and freedom. Free to be who you want to be, what you desire, what you already are. It is so amazingly magical and you are missing so much by not searching within you. Light up from inside, shine your light throughout the day and you will see how everyone around you lights up too. You, my friend, are a star in the making. Stop hiding in the dark and let yourself shine, for when you do, the whole world shines with you.

Sending you love ❤

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