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Message from the Moon - 7 Jan 2023

Today, I want you to focus on me for I am full and radiate and showering you with my illuminous light, shimmering all around you and infusing you with love. Many of you may find that you are emotional under my light but dear ones, let me tell you, to accept your tears and your emotions, let the flow freely under my light for they will cleanse and clear you. Emotions, from time to time, need to be released and just as I effect the tides and I also effect the emotions within you for you are made of water too. Do not be afraid to clear, cleanse and release for this pent up energy cannot be carried around any longer and oh, how free you will feel. Connect with me today, feel my energy and let me cleanse you and infuse you with my light so that you may shine once more as the light being that you are.

Sending you love ❤

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