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Message from Infinite Spirit - Change your story

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to communicate with you today and we understand that some of the messages that we give, may or may not relate to you but it matters not what the message is, it is about feeling our frequency of love and light. You may understand our messages, you may relate to our messages or you may decide that "Hey, this isn't for me", whatever you feel or think about our messages, matters not. We do not judge, we do not criticize, we do not ridicule. We want you to know our love for you, that we are always here for you and that you are meant to enjoy your life. You may say "If you love us so much, why do bad things happen to us?" There are no good things nor bad things only the energy you feel within you and around you. Everyone and everything in your life is you, it is what you have created by how you think, how you act, how you speak, how you feel. If you act the victim, you will become the victim. If you act with no regard for others, you will see that others have no regard for you. Let's speak about Covid. Yes, it is a virus but how do you relate to the virus? Do you fear it? Do you not care about it? There is no right or wrong. It matters not if you believe in it or fear it or listen to what is being said about it because it is not about the virus itself. It is how it makes you feel, how you act, how you perceive it. If you were to embrace Covid, see it as energy and fill it with love, it would dissipate. If you embrace Covid with fear, you are giving it your power and fuelling your fear. The virus is energy just like anything else and the more focus you give it, whether it be a loving or a fearful focus, this is what you are creating. We are not saying the virus does or does not exist, we are saying it is energy like anything else, it is how you perceive this energy, whether you fear it or whether you ignore it, this is what will happen. If you fear it, you will create more fear of it, you will see others fearing it, you will see people suffering and dying from it, it will consume you. If you ignore it, it has no power, your day will be like any other because you are not thinking about it or worried about it or stressing about it. We want you to know that things are only as real as you perceive them and how you react to them. The virus is not you. It is not who you really are. It is a dis-ease within. You are a loving being of light, you are all that is and more and when you feel any disharmony within you, you have become disconnected from who you really are. You are not your circumstances, you are not your situations but you entangle in them that they consume you and you feel like there is no way out, no escape. These things are not you, they are simply what you are seeing or have created and if you shift your focus to the light within you, let go of the need to control and entangle and accept what is, is, the quicker these circumstances and situations will change because you are not telling the same story over again. Covid is just another story, you can choose to say "I must always wash and sanitise my hands because otherwise I could catch Covid" or you could say "I must always wash and sanitise my hands to be clean and healthy". You could say "I must always wear my mask because otherwise I may catch Covid" or you could say "I wear a mask because I am asked to do so" It is the reason behind why you do something that gives it a story, change the reason, you change the story. "I cannot buy that because I don't have the money" change to "I choose not to buy that at this moment", "I really can't stand her" change to "I don't allow this person to be in my life" The easiest way to change your story, is to quieten your mind, meditate and connect to who you really are, once you do this, the stories begin to fade and new ones are created without you doing a thing because you let go of the stories, the entanglement and the dis-ease and re-connect to all that is, all that will ever be and more, LOVE.

Sending you love ♥

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