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Message from Infinite Spirit - Conspiracy Theorists

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Conspiracy theorists or people who channel conspiracy theories are not conspiracy theorists. They are channelling the truth. They are labelled “Conspiracy Theorists” because the people that are trying to control the world need to name them to lower the conspiracy theorist’s power. There are many truth seekers, we like to call them this, in the World and we channel through them and admire them for standing up to the truth of who you all, as a human race, really are. Humanity is simply waking up to the truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is you are all beings of light, you are all beings of love, you are all beings of everything that you want to be and more. There are humans that have discovered this and try to manipulate and control humanity, but they can only do this if all humans conform.

Why are they doing this?

When humans have great abundance and have bought and done everything they desire, then what is next? Power. Power and control over others.

We want you to understand there is nothing to fear, there really is nothing to fear but like anything humans perceive things how they want to perceive them. Truth seekers, can too, instil fear in others, not intentionally, it is simply the perception of what the humans that are listening to that of what the truth seekers are trying to relate. Humans are all at different frequencies, one human can listen to the truth and feel more enlightened because they are at that frequency, but another human can listen to the truth and feel more fearful because they are at a lower frequency.

Let’s go back to basics:

Thought = emotion = energy you are emitting

If the humans that have everything, want more power, how do they achieve this?

By making people fearful. Fearful thoughts = create fearful emotions = fearful energy waves. How better to instil fear into everyone around the world? Through the power of television, media, film and social media. What these humans, that have everything, create, is not real, it seems real because everyone is caught up in it, talking about it, watching it and creating more of it. Money isn’t real, news isn’t real, Governments aren’t real, time isn’t real, war isn’t real, illness isn’t real, none of it exists, it is all energy that can be changed.

Imagine a world filled with good news, with positive events being transmitted through the power of television, media, film and social media, this is ultimately what humanity is moving toward.

More people are lighting up, awakening to the truth, seeking the truth and once that happens, there will be no more fear or control, a new energy wave, a new frequency occurs where humans realise, they have the power to create whatever reality they want.

This is the New Earth frequency.

Sending you love ♥

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