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Message from Infinite Spirit - Follow Your Heart

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to communicate with you today and what a fine and glorious day this is. See the beauty all around you by opening your heart. Your eyes are windows to your soul but you close these visions down with your heart. Focus on what you like to see. You are merely looking a pictures throughout the day, pictures of people, pictures of a room, pictures of your street, none of this is real but an illusion. All these things are frequency and energy and it is your brain that transmits them into images much like a virtual reality video game. What you are playing isn't real but it seems so real when you are playing it. When you are fed up with a virtual reality video game, you take the headset off and forget about it. You don't dwell on the characters or the rooms or the scenery or the action, you don't moan and complain about the characters, you accept it is a game. Life too, is a game but you get caught up with what you think you see with your eyes. Open your eyes to the illusion and start creating with your eyes what you want to see, this could be pictures on the internet, in magazines or you could even draw and paint them. Life is a blank canvas, every day is a new day, a new start, open your eyes and your heart, feel what you want, not materially but emotionally, love, joy, peace, freedom, abundance. These are the things your heart and soul craves. Cars, money, houses, jobs are all created with your mind but do they fulfil your emotional desires? Does your car bring you joy when you drive it? It doesn't matter what car you have, does it make you happy because it gets you where you want to go? Does it make you happy because it is comfortable and luxurious? Is it a dream to drive? If you answer yes to these questions, great! If you answer no, then your focus is not on how your car makes you feel, it is on lack of having the money to buy such a car or taking your car for granted. Next time you get in your car, even if as a passenger, be grateful it is getting you to where you want to go, be grateful that it is warm and dry and comfortable, be grateful that you are in the car in the first place and not waiting for public transport to get you where you want to go. The more you open your heart and eyes to something so simple, you are shifting the energy in the direction of what you desire. This applies to anything in your life, the more you feel grateful and happy with what you already have, the energy shifts to bring you more of what you want. The more you practice this, things start showing up before you even know you need them. Let life flow through you and too you instead of fighting and controlling how to make it happen with your head. Heart, feelings and emotions win over your head every single time. BOOM BABY!

Sending you love ♥

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