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Message from Infinite Spirit - Resistance

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to communicate with you today and we, as always, send you love. Our friend Janet, felt disconnected, she felt disharmony and resistance at the beginning of her day and she asked us why. Why do I feel resistance going to work today? Why am I analysing this feeling? Our answer is simple. You are disconnected from who you really are, from source energy, from love. Your mind has taken over and has started to fill you with stories of why you are feeling you don't want to work today, it is trying to come up with solutions and excuses of why you feel this way. Once our friend, Janet, meditated and reconnected to who she really was, source energy, love, light, she immediately felt better and the stories stopped. We realise that some of you reading this are all on different stages of your journey and no matter where you are on your journey, it gets easier and easier the more you practice. Allow yourself a few minutes every day and if you are disconnected, like our friend Janet, allow yourself more time to reconnect, to stop listening to the voice in your head and feel the love in your heart. The more you feel the love in your heart, the more you tap into your natural state of being, which is love. We will help you, just ask us, ask and keep asking, we are here for you, always. Let us help you receive all that you are and more.

Sending you love ♥

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