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Message from Infinite Spirit - Shine

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to communicate with you today and as always, fill you with our love. You are beautiful, you are a perfect being of light, this is who you really are and if you feel any different then you are disconnected from your light, our light. We want you to know that it matters not what others think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself and we tell you that you are much too hard on yourself, you fill yourself with doubt and harsh thoughts about yourself but we love you, we will never judge you and we are always here for you. We want you to be kind to yourself. Look for something that you like about yourself and focus on that one thing and the more you do this, you will notice that others will like this about you. It could be anything, your hair, your eyes, your smile, your personality, your kindness, your love, your generosity, there is always, always, something you can like about yourself. Focus on it, love it and watch the energy grow within you. We want you to love yourself as we do. See the light within yourself and the more you do, the more you shine.

Sending you love ♥

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