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Message from Infinite Spirit - Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy to communicate with you today and our friend, Janet, was asking about weight loss. Weight is in your mind, it is not a state, it is a feeling. If you feel fat you will focus on how uncomfortable it feels and then notice that feeling more and more. Weight does not exist unless you focus on it, I can't eat that or I'll put on weight. Where is your focus when you eat? You only need to eat to sustain your physical body, it matters not what you eat, your body will guide you when to eat and when to stop. Animals eat when they need to, they hunt or fish or graze and when they are full, they stop. This applies to humans but you have so much food and junk to eat, that is readily available to you, that you don't know when to stop. Listen to your body. Your body knows and it will guide you, you have to learn to listen and follow your body's guidance on when to stop eating and not ignore it. You make excuses and reasons, I must eat this otherwise it will go off and that is a waste. I've bought this so I must eat it. Other reasons and excuses are emotions, I'm unhappy so I must eat, I'm sad so I must eat, I am stressed so I must eat. You connect eating to your emotions instead of listening to your body. Work out your emotions and eating will fix itself by accepting your emotions and letting them go, you will stop trying to feed them with food you need not eat. Accept you are unhappy, accept you are sad, accept you are stressed, it's ok, no one is judging you except you. Allow yourself permission to feel these emotions, they are not good or bad, they are simply how you are feeling but you make them feel bad as though it is wrong to feel uncomfortable emotions and you give them energy and you feed that energy with food. Accept how you are feeling, give yourself permission to allow these feelings, let them go and love yourself for who you really are, a magnificent being of light that is experiencing a human life. We love you so much.

Sending you love ♥

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