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Message from Infinite Spirit - Who are we?

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy and delighted to be here with you on this fine and glorious day. We want you to know who we are that is communicating through Janet, we are pure energy, we are higher beings of light, some call us Angels, Guides, Janet likes to call us Infinite Spirit, it matters not what you call us or what name you give us for we are all the same energy and we are with you to help and guide you through your day. We say day because many of you focus too much in the future or even in the past but time is not real, it is not such an issue that you give it, you are always running around saying "I don't have time" or "I'm late", this puts such emphasis on time and you are giving it meaning, where, like, anything, it is just energy, it doesn't exist like you think it does. Each moment in your day is precious but you are too busy overlooking everything else to see how precious it is. We want you today, to stay focused on each moment in your day. What are you doing right now? You are obviously reading this, enjoy it. Are you enjoying a drink while you are reading it? Once you have finished reading this, what are you going to do next, focus only on your next moment and take any joy from it that you can. Feel joy in every moment and it can be something simple like focusing on your breath flowing in and out, having a crystal in your pocket and feeling the energy from it, thinking about your favourite animal or bird or colour. Whenever you do simple things like this, not only does it keeps you in the moment, it connects you to us, it connects you to source energy that is all around you, every single moment, in every single day and we love connecting with you, we would love you to ask us anything and we promise we will respond in subtle ways, with numbers, colours, feathers, coins, songs, the more you pick up on our messages in this way, the more open and relaxed you become. Every time you struggle with fear, anxiety, stress or any other negative energy, you close your heart to us and we watch as your negative energy turns into a runaway snowball, it gets bigger and more out of control and we have to wait until things turn and you are once more at peace and can open your heart again. We surround you with our love and light at all times but you fail to sense us when you close your hearts because you are too focused on the world outside of you to notice the wonderful world you can create within yourself, within your heart. When you create within, your outside world reflects what you are creating and this brings you more joy, peace and harmony within. We want you to create basic feelings within, love, joy, freedom, abundance, peace, harmony, we realise you focus too much on material things but these are just things that you think will make you happy. Your soul, who you really are, your energy desires basic feelings. Write a list as below:

Love - now think of 3 things you love with all your heart

Joy - think of 3 things that bring you pure joy

Freedom - let go of 3 things that you think are taking away your freedom

Abundance - think of 3 things that you have right now that you are abundant of, we will help you, time, water, food, love there is always an abundance of something in your life,

Peace - think of 3 things that you love doing that bring you peace, listening to music, meditating, walking

Harmony - what pleases you in your life and gives you a sense of harmony and balance, family, music, love, food

If you are struggling with thinking anything from the above list, this is what your life is lacking because you are not focusing on bringing more into your life. Remember, it all starts within, create what you are lacking within and it will soon start to show up in your outside world. We want you to start focusing on things that do not require money because money is just energy that you give value to, material things are just energy, they do not give you love, they do not give you the feelings that your soul desires.

Practise this everyday and you will soon see that we are with you, helping you create more love, joy, freedom, abundance, peace and harmony, everything that your soul desires for it is all available to you right now, you do not have to wait for anything. It is all here for you right now, all you need to do close your eyes and feel it within. Relax, breathe, use your imagination and feel how good it is to have everything your soul desires.

Sending you love ♥

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