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Message from Infinite Spirit - Your heart is the portal to your soul

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so happy and excited to be communicating with you all today. We want to talk about happiness, feeling joy, feeling excitement, feeling good about yourself, your life and everything else. Happiness comes from within, you feel happiness, you experience happiness, you create happiness but yet some of you look at your situations, your circumstances and this does not bring you happiness. There is nothing wrong with this because it can be changed. You created what you are looking at through your eyes but it is your heart that is the creator of all things wonderful. Your heart is the portal to your soul. Your soul desires lots of things, love, joy, freedom, abundance, peace, harmony and when you focus on these things and feel them in your heart, it brings you a great sense of contentment.

We want you to know that you do not have to focus on specific things, cars, money, jobs, people, relationships, these are all things outside of you that can be changed once you focus on your souls desires. We want you to connect with us through your heart, feel us all around you, all the time, we are always here, ready to help, support and guide you, through words, signs, music, art, books, films, people talking around you, animals, money found, feathers, rainbows, there are so many ways we connect with you every single day, we want you to start noticing us and the more you do, the more it will make you feel good, feel excited, feel happy because you know you are connected, not just to us but to every single thing around you, for we are all one and the same. There is no separation, there is only oneness.

We are in a new Earth frequency, where things come to you so easily but in order for you to see this, you need to let go of the old stories that you are telling yourself over and over and over again. E.g. I can't do this, I am not good enough, I don't have enough, I want more, I need this before I can be happy, this person makes me angry, I don't like my job, it goes on and on. They are old stories, old patterns, old ways and they have no place in this new Earth frequency. Tell yourself new stories. I feel happy, I feel peace, I feel abundance, I feel free, I feel joy, let yourself feel these emotions within by meditating and telling yourself new stories. Your heart and soul will beam with delight with the new stories, you will start to shine like a star, people around you will love your energy and the best part is, you need do nothing but sit quietly, calm your mind of old stories and tell yourself the new ones. This new energy you create will move mountains and will attract everything you desire to you, without your personality working out all the details and the how's and when's. Let your head/personality go and let your heart and soul lead you to the life you desire. A life filled with wonder, excitement, magic, joy, love, peace, harmony, abundance and freedom. These words make your heart sing, they make you feel the joy you desire, so use them, feel them and we promise you, you will create a magical life filled with many, many blessings, more than your head/personality could ever imagine or create because your soul is your connection to all that is and more. All the possibilities and opportunities are endless for you are a being of light, a being of pure energy, experiencing a human life, let your light shine.

Sending you love ❤

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