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Message from the Unicorns - 6 Jan 2023

Greetings dear ones, we want you to feel our magical energy swirling around you and filling your heart with our love and magic. We are here to uplift and inspire you, to make you see the magic in the world around you as you focus on the love and magic within you.

You are a wonderous being of light and when you focus on this great power that you possess within you, you create more love, light and magic in your outer world. This energy truly is a uplifting energy that can create miracles and magic in your life.

We surround and infuse you with our 7th dimensional light and you will receive the perfect frequency to expand your energy and light at this time.

We shower you with rainbow blessings that we bestow upon you to light up your life and bring you the joy and wellbeing that your soul craves. Your soul wants to play, be free and have fun but you focus too much on outside influences, responsibilities and other Earthly issues that close your heart to this energy that is here for you each and every moment. We ask that you spend time to meditate and listen to uplifting music. Ask us to come and join you and bestow our magical blessings upon you. Open your heart, imagine being free to have fun and create the joy and wellbeing that you truly, truly are. It is all here for you and we will help you to tune into this abundant energy of love, light and magic. Let us enchant you and watch the magic unfold.

Sending you love ❤

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