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Message from the Universe - 23 June 2023

Welcome, welcome, welcome, we are so pleased and delighted to be here with you on this fine and glorious day and we want you to know that whilst our words are comforting to you, it is the vibration that is truly the key to living the life you choose to live.

You are creators, creating always from within with your thoughts and feelings and we want you to know that whilst this is all well and good, there is so much more here for you if you would just let go and feel into what your heart and soul really desires. We love you so much and there is great love here for you. Focus within at all times. Bring your awareness back into the here and now, back in to the moment that is. Everything develops from a moment and when you live moment to moment instead of focusing on the past; what has been and gone or the future; which has not been created yet, you will live a much more joyous life.

Start each day with the intention to stay in the moment and when you feel that this is not so because your mind has wandered back to the past or has fast forwarded to the future. Bring yourself back into this moment. Focus on your breath. Connect to yourself. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and feel the connection to all that is. You are energy, light and frequency focus on your energy, feel the connection deeply with mother earth and all around you. Let the ebb and flow of nature take its place in your heart and feel the love that here is for you every single moment and every single day.

You are deeply loved, you are love. You are a light being connected to all and everything. Feel this connection in your heart, in your soul and meditate frequently to bring this energy in and make it shine brightly like a star. For you are a star, a star child and your connection is greatly needed on this earth at this time to raise the frequency of others around you.

When you shine like a star onto all in your energy field they cannot help but shine with you but when you focus on their energy and what frequency they are emitting, it can dampen yours . Focus only on your energy, always within, always on the connection that is and you will feel freer and lighter and brighter than you have ever done before. We want you to shine your bright beautiful light upon all you encounter and start living to your full potential. You are a powerful magical being of light, this is who you really are, stop hiding in the shadows and shine brighter than you have ever done before .

Sending you love ❤️

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