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Message from Yemanya - Goddess of the Sea & Ocean

I am Yemanya, Goddess of the ocean, your life is like an ocean, the waves represent your ups and downs but it’s how you deal with the waves that matters. Do you choose to battle against them or do you surf them? The answer to you, is always surf them. Surfing is so much fun, exciting, thrilling and exhilarating. There are no challenges in life, only opportunities to learn, grow and expand, remind yourself of this each time something rises up, its like a big wave, get yourself to surf it instead of swim against it.

Like the ocean, life is abundant with opportunities and none are ever missed but they can be delayed if you choose to battle against the waves instead of grabbing your board and surfing them. When you choose to have fun and feel excitement, the opportunities flow to you effortlessly for you are enjoying your human experience and having fun. This is what you are here for, this is who you really are to be here and experience wonderful, exciting opportunities but unfortunately some of you have got lost along the way and got caught up in the waves, causing panic and fear because you feel out of your depth or out of control. This is never the case, when you relax in the water, you float. When you surf the waves, you are balanced and in control.

The ocean is abundant with life and it is this life that many of you humans connect with. When you watch dolphins, whales, turtles, penguins, seals and other sea creatures, this makes you feel happy, calm and relaxed because they are happy, calm and relaxed when they are swimming or playing in water. They too, face many dangers or challenges but they simply get on with life which is what humans fail to do. Sea creatures do not dwell or worry, they live in the moment. There are many lessons the ocean can teach you but the most important one is life is like an ocean. Life is for living in the moment, life is full of opportunities, life is full of abundance, life is full of excitement, life is full of wonder, life is full of beauty just like the ocean so instead of battling against the waves, grab your board, come, play, live, learn and grow.

Sending you love ❤

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