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New Years Day Message

My question to Infinite Spirit today was:

How would a Master allow abundance? When I wrote this question I originally wrote become instead of allow. I scribbled out become and put allow instead.

Well, our dear friend, what a great question. The clue is in the question, allow. You scribbled out become because you already are abundant but you forgot to allow your abundance to flow through you. Open your heart, feel your breath, feel the abundance that you already are and sit in it. Humans are abundant, wealthy and rich but humans let outside influences in. They are stories and you tell the story of "oh this is Mercury Retrograde". Yes, follow the planets but all they are doing is bringing up the stories that you are telling for review and nothing more. Humans fear of lack and limitation is a story, it has come up for review because you are repeating it AGAIN! Stop telling the same story, isn't it BORING AND DULL? Where is the excitement in lack and limitation? There isn't any! So bring the excitement back. Tell stories of too much money. If it makes you feel good, keep going, it really is that simple. Stories are stories. they can be changed so stop beating the same drum and beat a different tune. You know it makes sense.

Sending you love ❤

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