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Perception - Emu Guide - 9 June 2023

When emu guide came through, I was transported back to when I was a child watching Rod Hull and Emu. I found emu so funny and never thought that it was a man's arm inside a puppet. Obviously as I got older, he wasn't as funny because I knew it was a man using a puppet.

This is the message emu came through with:

Perception is everything and can be changed. More of you are waking up and realising this and the word realising is being used a lot more now more of you are waking up to who you really are. You are seeing the world through real-eyes (realise) for the illusion that it is. A lot of you are changing your perception of the world around you and waking up to the fact, that yes, it can be changed.

Your personality perceives things as good or bad, right or wrong and from there, you create stories on why you are right and they are wrong or why they are bad and you are good. The media is very good at changing your perception over things and making the stories seem so real. I am not here to talk about the media and all the stories. I am here to talk about you and your life and how you can change your perception on what you see around you.

Every human is doing the best they can and yet they separate themselves from everything because of perception. I don't like them because ............... I am not happy because of .............. I want this but I can't because.................... fill in the blanks as you please, play with this and see what your own stories are. This comes down to perception, the way you see your life and the situations around you and you are creating more of the same when you tell the same old story.

Let me show you. You go to your place of work, college, school, wherever and there is someone there that you don't like or you don't get on with. Your perception of them is I don't like them and their perception of you is the same. You are mirroring one another because you see yourselves as separate beings that don't get along, there may even be many stories around this. Once you realise (real eyes) what is going on, you can change your perception of them. This person is trying their best. This person may have personal issues that are not related to you. This person maybe unhappy. This person may not have woken up and realised (real eyes) that everything is an illusion that can be changed.

If you are reading this, you are awakened and your soul wants more. This is not about that person. This is about you and how you perceive things. Once you awaken and realise (real eyes) that you are connected to everyone and everything, your perception changes and your heart expands wanting more. You see the world in a different light, this person no longer bothers you in the way they did and you see the light within them that they cannot see themselves because they are caught up in their own perception.

When you awaken, your perception becomes more about what you can sense and feel than what you are seeing and telling stories about.

Open your heart, connect with everyone and everything and your perception will change greatly.

Sending you love ❤️

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