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Release the heaviness, be free - 1 July 2023

Can you remember what it felt like to be a child? The joy, the love , the carefreeness and easiness. We want you to invite this energy into your human experience. Feel free and light. Accept everything that is, be breezy and light, feel the freedom, joy and abundance that is yours when you focus upon this energy that is much lighter than the dense energy you carry around with all your responsibilities and thoughts that weigh you down.

You are free, you are abundance, you are joy, you are love, you are light but you focus too much on heavier energies that weight you down so much. We want to invite you into a lighter frequency and energy. Into the joy of living each day as it comes and each moment as it comes and suddenly the weight is lifted and you feel free to create more joy, more freedom, more abundance. We love you so much and you are loved and you are surrounded by magic and miracles each moment and each day but because you are so focused on your responsibilities and thoughts that weight you down, you cannot open your heart and expand into the miracles that are bestowed upon you each moment in each day. Today we invite you to let go of all and accept each moment. Bring yourself back into the now energy and feel the freedom within you, when you allow this energy in.

When your thoughts become heavy with this and that and oh and more of this and that, that needs to be done and must be done, breathe, bring yourself back to the moment and feel the freedom within.

You are creator of your own life. Do you choose heaviness or lightness? Do you chose love or hate? Do you choose chaos or freedom? You are always choosing and creating.

For one day, choose to let go and be free. See the beauty within you and around you. Notice how you are connected to everyone and everything. Indeed you are not separated from anything at all. You are one with all, with the earth, with the universe, with others all around you. It is your thoughts that create separation. Choose differently for one day and see the lightness grow within you.

You are free, you are joy, you are who you really are and who you are meant to be. A being of love, light, freedom, abundance, joy , love, peace and harmony.

Invite this into your heart and be who you really are.

Sending you love ❤️

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