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Shine your light like a lighthouse - 24 June 2023

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to this glorious day of fun and laughter and joy and harmony and peace and freedom and abundance. We are so delighted to be communicating with you today and we want you to feel our energy and frequency and revell in it to your hearts content.

See the joy, be the joy, the fun and laughter and love that you are, for when you do this you emanate it from you onto others and they too will feel the high energy that you are emitting. This is such an exciting time on your planet to feel the freedom within and the glorious abundant being the you are.

Shine your light through the darkness, just as a lighthouse and light others up in this magical light and frequency filled with blessings and wonder and awe. You are a magical, Divine being of light, this is who you really are, so shine so brightly and light others up with your energy, your frequency.

It is such an amazing time on your planet there are many frequencies and energies coming in that are Divinely orchestrated by the Universe to elevate this planet and the consciousness that is here for you every day, in every single moment. There is much love here for you and we want you to tap into this love and light that you naturally are by going deep within and feeling it for youself. Meditation is the key to connecting to all and everything. You are a greater part of the Universe. You are connected to everyone and everything, for you are pure energy and light that can only be distinguished by letting others bring you down. This dear one, is giving your power away to others but when you stand in your power, in your own light and in your frequency to Divinely inspire others, you light them up too. You know and you can feel when your energy is low so when this happens focus only upon yourself and bring in the light through your heart, through your crown, through your soul and light up again once more.

You have the power within you, you are the power, you are the light, you are the magic.

Shine, dear one, shine 🌟

Sending you love ❤️

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