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Stay in the moment - 25 Feb 2023

Hello, our dear friends, we are so pleased to be communicating with you on this fine day and we want you to know, as always, that we love you so much.

Today, we want you to connect within. Go within and find the peace and harmony by doing nothing but sitting and letting everything melt away. You are a Divine being of light and your soul wishes for you to connect with the Universe on a regular basis so that you can recharge and reconnect to who you really are.

Sometimes, in your human experience, you lose your way and get caught up in the situations and circumstances around you, which can lead to feelings of be overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed. When this happens, you simply need to sit in the moment. Listen to a relaxing piece of music and really listen to it. The melody, the instruments being played, the feel of the music and give yourself permission to relax into it. Let your human experiences melt away so that you are in the void of nothingness. You are completely disconnected from your human experience and at one with who you really are. A being of light. Stay here until you feel the deliciousness of it all and you really don't want to leave because it feels so good, even though you are doing nothing. You can feel the love and it feels so good that you know that there really is nothing to be done but to relax and enjoy the moment.

When you go back to your human experience and things get chaotic, close your eyes, breathe and come back to who you really are for a few moments. It is the best pick up tonic you could ever wish for. You come back into your power. Back into your light. Back to who you really are.

Sending you love ❤️

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