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Tell a great story - 2 March 2023

Hello, hello, hello and welcome our friends to another episode of delightful energy, freedom and abundance. We want you to know that you are love, you are freedom, you are abundance, you are everything you wish to be and more.

If you are going to tell stories, tell great stories. Stories of abundance, of freedom, of pure love, of happiness, peace and well being. These stories make you feel so good and when you feel good, the more great stories you will tell.

You do not live in a world of lack or limitation. You live in a world filled with love and freedom. The freedom to choose what you create. The freedom to tell great stories about your life. The freedom of creating. This is truly a great time on your planet and the stories of lack, fear and limitation are diminishing. Do not hold onto them because they do not serve you well. Move, grow and thrive with the knowledge of who you really are. A light being that is filled with awe and wonder. A being that can create magic and miracles. Oh you are so much more than you think you are and we love you so much.

We know that you are doing the best you can but dear ones, stop struggling to do the best you can because that is a story made up of other stories that are no longer serving you.

If you were a truly magical being (which you are), a witch, a wizard or such, you would have the knowledge that you can create and have whatever you desire but this is true now. Stand in your power. Summon the energy that you want, for you are everything and more. You already are.

If you are going to tell stories, tell great stories of how magical and wonderful you are. Tell stories of abundance and freedom, of love and peace, of harmony and well being, for you are already all of those things and it is time to stop pushing them all away from you and start summoning them to you and being all those things because you already are.

Tell great stories and watch the miracles and magic unfold.

Sending you love ❤️

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