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YOU ROCK!🤘 - 2 August 2023

Well hello and welcome to your fun loving guide, Maquasa. 🎶Here I come to lighten your day!!!🎶 Oh yes I have indeed, we need to have a little fun🎈 and madness in our lives to break up the monotony🥱 of the day to day grind you call life. but hey, it's not meant to be like this, where is your sense of fun🎉 and adventure? "Well, I don't have time for that." I hear you moan and complain😒. Well, guess what? Stop whining and go and do something for yourself right now. Yes, right now, I can wait until you come back, after all I am eternal and always here, forever and ever and ever and ever, you get the gist. Go on, off you go and when you come back, I want to know what exciting thing you did for yourself.

(wait) (wait some more) (still waiting) (this had better be worth waiting for) (wait)🥱 OK, I'm bored now so I'll just carry on and you can join in whenever you are ready.

Be fun, be free, be who you are meant to be, oh yes, I love it when things rhyme. Let's sing it 🎵Be fun, be free, be who you are meant to be🎵 and again, 🎵be fun, be free, be who you are meant to be🎵, again 🎶 I'm fun, I'm free, I'm who I'm meant to be🎶 (see how I changed it, keep going!) 🎶I'm fun, I'm free, I'm who I'm meant to be.🎶

Oh yes, you are indeed, you are all you ever want and more, so do me a favour and start enjoying who you are. Start living in the moment and every now and again, just stop and say "I am great! I am so wonderful I cry with happiness😂 because let's face it you are wonderful, there is only you telling yourself otherwise so instead of ridiculing yourself, start telling yourself how marvellously wonderful and fantastic you are because I tell you, if you don't tell yourself, who will? Don't stand around waiting for others to see the marvellous being you are, tell yourself and relish in it, others will soon cotton on and before you know it, your energy will shine💫 so much that people will start complimenting you and love being around you because you did it, YOU DID IT, you loved yourself and revelled in it. I tell you baby, you are tremenously fantabuously incredible and yes, they are made up words but so what, you are tremenously fantabuously incredible, you'd better believe it.

You rock and you know it🤘

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